A woman in black lingerie leaning against a wall.

Work that Sexy Body

Here are some of our favorite ways at Peekaboo Portland to have fun while exercising:

Running the dog(s): your own or your hot neighbor’s, either ways 😉

Yoga: we love all types of yoga, but have you tried acro yoga yet? It is a greatly fun partner activity you can do you with your man or your new date.

Kayaking: this has to be the best way to get a gorgeous tan one while having a blast, but don’t forget sunscreen.

Rock-climbing: with the adrenaline running high levels boosting your energy to keep you going and going, your entire body will turn rock-hard in no time after you start doing it regularly. Great way to face any height fears and great exercise especially for adrenaline junkies.

Dance: no much commenting needed here. Just enjoy yourself and see results later!

And yes, sex! Sex is a great exercise, not only to tone your body, but also for your heart and your mental health! So no excuse to ever pass on it!

What’s your favorite way to exercise?


Photo of Miss A at her Peekaboo Portland Boudoir Photoshoot