Beautiful Skin this Summer

At Peekaboo Portland, we are all about natural and healthy ways to maintain and upkeep your beautiful body. And that is why sunscreen is on the top of our list. It is way better and easier to prevent than to treat. Keep your skin young and healthy with these tips and you can thank us later, when you come in for your boudoir photoshoot 😉

Photo by Peekaboo Portland Boudoir Photography

  • Wear sunscreen, all the time, everytime, to any exposed skin. No exceptions. Look for natural ingredients in the label.
  • Use smart lotions: petroleum-free and water-based ones with natural ingredients are the best because they don’t clog your pores and allow your skin to breath while hydrating it.
  • Exercise! Dance is a great way to have fun while you work it. Get active doing whatever you like, to get your blood flowing in order to promote skin cell regeneration which is crucial for long lasting healthy and young-looking skin.
  • Drink water, plenty of it. Not only does it hydrate your entire health system but it also flushes out your toxins that will otherwise try to come out through your skin. Not a pretty picture…
  • Let your skin breathe; this applies to the clothing you wear. Your skin loves natural fabrics so wear them as much as possible. Think of it as a room with or without windows. Which one would you prefer to be in for hours and hours daily?
  • Take your multivitamins. Prenatal vitamins are known to boost your skin, hair, and nail health. Find the ones that you like the best, based on shapes, size, and form, and make them your daily routine so you have no reason to miss taking them.

We are no beauty experts here, but what we do know is what looks best naturally and on camera. Our amazing makeup artist does a fabulous job at preparing our clients for their boudoir photoshoot. But it all depends on the base layer of what you can work with. Get your skin healthy not just for what it looks like, but mainly for what it feels like. After all, it is your largest organ, hence biggest part of your body so you ought to love it like you love your self.  Try these tips and let us know if you have your own to add to the list.