Boudoir photography of a woman with tattoos laying on a bed.

What to wear at your boudoir photoshoot


Many women like to buy new lingerie for the shoot and then hide it away until their photos are ready. When he sees you in the lingerie that you wore in the photos one thing is sure: you will get a very enthusiastic reaction from him!

Whether you indulge in some new sexy wear for the photoshoot, or use lingerie that you already have, the end result will be stunning after we’re done with you. If you choose to use lingerie that you already have, you can mix and match items to spice it up a little. If you buy new lingerie, make sure to try it and wear it around your house for a bit to get comfortable in it. You will look your most beautiful self when you are relaxed and having fun during the shoot rather than worrying about any details, so let your inner goddess shine!