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Capturing Confidence, Strength & Empowerment

We are all about the art of celebrating the individuality and beauty of every Oregon boudoir photography client — understanding that each person has a unique story, a distinct journey, and a personal sense of self that deserves to be captured and celebrated.

Backed by an all-female team, Peekaboo Boudoir stands as an award-winning space, and serves as the perfect backdrop for your boudoir journey, with locations in vibrant North Portland on N. Mississippi Ave and the historic Union Building in downtown Hood River, Oregon.

Our approach goes beyond the lens of the camera

We guide you through every step, helping you pose with confidence, relax, and have a blast while creating stunning and captivating images.

The Peekaboo Boudoir experience is designed to make you feel undeniably sexy and incredibly beautiful, leaving a lasting mark on your self-appreciation journey.

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Luxury Albums
& wall art

Preserve your empowering boudoir moments in a stunning luxury photo album. It’s a timeless keepsake containing images that celebrate your beauty and strength.

04: peekaboo team

hi, I’m jessica Hill Lovely…

I’m the owner and lead photographer, bringing over 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of the female form through my practice in Iyengar yoga. At Peekaboo, our all-female team and I are passionate about celebrating your unique beauty and individuality.
My goal is to create a safe, caring, and comfortable environment, where every session is solely about you. I thrive on uplifting your self-confidence and empowering you through an upbeat and kind approach.

“The MOST EMPOWERING experience of my life”

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