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It’s OK to love yourself

Some girls think it is a bit vain to do a boudoir photoshoot. For whatever reason it may be logical to them, they feel that boudoir is self-centered, selfish, and perhaps superficial. The way we look at it is quite opposite. Let us take a moment and tell you why we think that way and why we do what we do with so much love.

One of the reasons why some women may feel like that about boudoir photography could be because of a negative previous experience they may have had. It is possible that the company they may have worked with in the past for a boudoir photoshoot was not what they expected and they felt exposed in a way or another. We are 100% all for discreetness at Peekaboo Portland and our clients’ privacy is our number one concern when it comes to logistics; from credit card transactions, to packaging and handling, and of course to the use of your images. We will never use any images without your permission, and only you can choose to share them with as many or as few people as you like. The experience in the process and the final product when you that comes out of boudoir photoshoot with Peekaboo Portland, is all about you and you are always and fully respected with us.

The way we see and treat boudoir at Peekaboo Portland is 100% about our clients’ beauty, inside and out. We love to help our clients see how amazing they are, as the powerful and beautiful goddesses that they are, by Nature itself. No matter what they decide to use as outfits and props for their boudoir photoshoot with Peekaboo Portland, what we focus our lens on first and foremost is their inner beauty that shines through their confidence and self-respect. Nothing about that is vein or selfish as we see it; it is only love and beauty!

Photo by Peekaboo Portland Boudoir Photography