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Health & Beauty from your Pantry

Hello Peekaboo beauties!

Here are some of our favorite pantry products you can use for beauty and health recipes! Who knew beauty could be so natural and delicious!

  • Honey & cinnamon for overall healthy system, clear skin, and weight management
  • Brown sugar & olive or almond oil for natural skin exfoliation
  • Potato medallions for under the eyes black circle treatment
  • Yoghourt and oatmeal for soft, smooth and refreshed skin
  • Banana and avocado for smooth hair conditioning
  • Plain yoghourt, egg whites, and honey for glowing facials
  • Coffee grounds for smooth flawless skin
  • Vinegar for soft, healthy and beautiful skin
  • Coconut oil for your skin, hair, and healthy cooking

Have fun beautifying yourself following these tips and prepare yourself for a  glorious boudoir photoshoot with Peekaboo Portland.

Peekaboo Portland Boudoir Photography