Summertime Beauty Tips

Summertime Beauty - Photo by Peekaboo Portland

Hello lovelies! We hope you have been enjoying the sweet summertime the best way possible. As sweet as it is, summertime is also one of the most damaging ones for the skin and hair if you’re not taking the right care of them. Here are a few quick tips to assure you’re staying beautiful and healthy during the rest of the summer!

Water!!! We could not stress enough how important water is for your health and beauty! Always drink more than you think you need, especially if you drink caffeine. Try to decrease your intake in sodium to avoid bloating and indulge in fruits when that sweet tooth knocks on the door.

SPF! Sunscreen should be your very best friend, regardless of skin tone, skin type or age. We recommend wearing sunscreen year-round for best protection and healthy skin tone.

Skin friendly lotions. Avoid petroleum, mineral oil and paraffin based skin care products. Instead, choose lotions with more natural ingredients such as water based ones and organic oils such as coconut, jojoba, avocado, argan, etc. Those same oils are also great for hair!

Sunshine… in healthy doses. This is the best time of the year to spice up your outfits with large lightweight hats or cute parasols. Enjoy the summertime sun in a healthy and cute way.

For more health and beauty tips, check out Beautiful Skin this Summer, Beauty by Peekaboo, and Health & Beauty from your Pantry. Now that you are all set for a beautiful and healthy rest of your summer, there is still time to experience the luxury that Peekaboo offers! Summertime is the best time for a boudoir photoshoot and this is why!

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