1st through 7th Anniversary Peekaboo Gift Ideas for Him

First anniversary: Paper

Gift him the Peekaboo Pin-Up Calendar featuring beautiful and retouched photos of you for your honey to enjoy each month with a little more love!

Second anniversary: Cotton

Give him your cutest pair of cotton panties – maybe ones you wore at the Peekaboo shoot – with a bottle of massage oil and a candle. He’ll know what to do next…

Third anniversary: Leather

Get him the Peekaboo leather-bound Little Black Book to store your best 20 boudoir prints in! He’ll never get enough of flipping it open so leather will make it last longer.

Fourth anniversary: Fruit and Flowers

Wear the lingerie from your Peekaboo shoot and lay edible flowers and fruit all over your body for desert after your anniversary dinner. It will be the best desert he has ever had…

Fifth anniversary: Wood

Gift him a fabulous Peekaboo wooden flash-drive with all your gorgeous boudoir photos in it! He  will love it so much that he will probably be on his key chain so he has you always with him…

Sixth anniversary: Candy

Fill up a Peekaboo Naughty Box with his favorite candy and  hide your favorite boudoir photo at the bottom. Best treasure find ever!

Seventh anniversary: Copper

This last one on our list may be the most thoughtful and creative one: Find a penny from the year you two joined a loving path and use it to make a handmade card including your favorite boudoir photo from Peekaboo Portland.

Have fun and be creative, customizing any of these ideas to make them your own. He will love them!