The Peekaboo Luxury Experience from Our Client’s Prospective


Peekaboo Portland Boudoir Photography

We love hearing back from our clients! Making them feel as comfortable as possible during their boudoir session with us and making sure they actually enjoy the photoshoot is one of our goals. This is what Miss D told us about her luxury experience with Peekaboo:

Q. In a brief sentence, how would you describe your experience?
A. Liberating! Everyone made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I knew I was in good hands.
Q. In a brief sentence, how would you describe the studio?
A. The studio was a little rustic gem. It felt like I was at a girlfriend’s house. I loved all the different props and tricks Jessica used to make it feel like home.
Q. Because the studio is new, and we are always looking for ways to improve, what would have made the studio better?
A. Honestly, it’s hard to improve perfection. Maybe a slightly larger dressing area? The bathroom actually worked out great though. Every little detail down to the room temp and music selection was run by me for my comfort.
Q. Did Jessica make you feel comfortable and at ease? Is there any thing she could have changed to make your experience better?
A. Jessica was fantastic! Her posing guide and some Pinterest research helped me understand the types of poses I would need to get into. Although, she explained each pose and made my body look its best.

This is a great time to book your own boudoir photoshoot for a perfect Valentine’s gift! Contact us at (503) 964-7063 or [email protected].

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