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This is exactly why we LOVE what we do: Real Life Email from Miss K.

We are honored to share this real life email we received from miss K. which describes exactly why we love what we do! With no further do:

Hi Lindsay,

I just sent Kirstie a message through her website and was hoping to send one to Jessica, as well, but this will do 🙂
I worked with these fabulous ladies last Wednesday for my shoot and I just wanted to thank them for making this easily one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I came to them with serious self image/body issues after having had 2 kids and, while not pregnant, ballooning up to 265lbs and losing it again. I have loose skin and massive stretch marks and they made me feel like a runway model! I’m not a drinker so I didn’t have that to help take off the edge 😉 but these ladies are so incredible they quickly calmed my nerves. Kirstie made me look more gorgeous than I’ve EVER looked in my life and has a spunky, fun way about her that is contagious and makes you feel confident. Jessica is super sweet and creative and was amazing at giving me feedback during the shoot that made me feel super sexy! These two make a perfect duo and had me feeling pampered and fussed over and GORGEOUS! You have the most incredible team and I feel so blessed that I got to work with them! It’s a beautiful and unique service that you offer to real women who are constantly measuring themselves against the cover model. I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Peekaboo Portland and will continue to rave about your services and send my girls your way!
P.S. I originally did this shoot as a gift for my fiancee. However, I feel I’m the one who received the greatest gift of all; seeing the beauty in me and finding confidence as a sexy woman!
Miss K.
Lindsay is our outstanding studio manager, Jessica is our amazing photographer, and Kirstie is our fabulous make-up artist. You can learn more about the brains behind Peekaboo Portland here. We are truly blessed to have such a harmonic team and feel privileged to bring out your most beautiful and sexy self in timeless boudoir photographs! Thank you miss K. for letting us share your honest feelings about your experience with Peekaboo Portland. It is because of amazing clients like you that we LOVE what we do!