Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session with Peekaboo

Book your boudoir session with Peekaboo today!

Peekaboo Boudoir has been around for over a decade celebrating women at all stages of life. Our message is simple; to empower, commemorate and celebrate YOU!

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or for a partner, our team is here every step of the way to make you feel safe, empowered and oh-so sexy. Boudoir isn’t just about having “hot” images, it’s a true experience from start to finish. All of our sessions include makeup and hair so you can feel your very best and get pampered along the way.

Boudoir can be for any occasion, to share your love with a partner, for your wedding or an anniversary, to renew the love of your body after a divorce, to celebrate after having kids or choosing not to have kids. It can be as simple as just wanting beautifully & artistically curated images of yourself at this point in life. These images are for you to love and cherish, to share with your partner, or to simply keep to yourself and smile, knowing what a gift you are.

We think all women deserve a boudoir session and have heard that seeing themselves from another person’s perspective truly allows them to see their true beauty and embrace all of themselves. We love showing women how beautiful they really are.

After many successful years in Portland Oregon, Jessica has expanded her boudoir brand to Hood River, Oregon with a second location. By growing we are able to bring more opportunities to those who want to experience the magic of boudoir. We greatly respect everyone’s privacy and would NEVER post images without our client’s approval.

If you’re looking for a reason or excuse to book a boudoir session with Peekaboo, here is your sign! We would love to hear from you and help you celebrate yourself and all that you are! Contact us today!