A woman in black lingerie posing in front of a window.

Let’s Talk Lingerie

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We love lingerie; we love to buy it, we love to wear, we love to look at it. Who doesn’t? It exposes your sexy features while still leaving plenty to the imagination.

The thing is when it comes to a boudoir photoshoot, it doesn’t matter so much what style you choose to wear, as much as it matters how your wear your style. It is all about attitude and expression. You could be wearing your gym tank top or your Victoria Secret corset, and look just as sexy because of the confidence and sex-appeal you add to it. I truly believe that beauty comes from within and it is that radiating shine that makes you look the sexiest in front of the camera! Lingerie is just a beautiful addition you choose to make it a bit more colorful, in a metaphorical way.

With that said, as if you needed an excuse to shop for new lingerie, a boudoir photoshoot with Peekaboo is an excellent one. Get a hold of your girls, make it a girls’ day-out, and have fun shopping for your sexiest look. Just make sure not to show your man what you got until after the photoshoot, just so you make it a sexy and fun surprise for him and look at his jaw drop when he sees the photos.